Microsoft looking to give Windows 10 “dail-tone” reliability

by Surur
April 4, 2020
Microsoft Windows 10

Several ambitions for the future development of Windows 10 was revealed in a job post for Software Engineering Manager for Windows 10 at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters.

The job post for the Application Connectivity team responsible for sharing and connectivity features such as clipboard and sharing; localization and indexer; and notifications, listed the following team goals:

  • Improving the performance of the Windows Indexer enabling end-users to rapidly find their files and information.
  • Improve reliability of Windows Notification system to support the needs of Xbox, Mobile devices and achieve ‘dial-tone’ reliability.
  • Work with other companies and contributors making changes to the ICU codebase and support the Microsoft wide needs of localization.
  • Support cloud-clipboard and application sharing.
  • Work as needed to support the next major releases of Windows 10 and Windows 10X

For day to day windows 10 users, the main impact will likely be improvements in the Windows Indexer, which still drags down the performance of PCs when users are doing actual work.

The list notes work related to “the next major releases of Windows 10” suggesting we may see the result of their efforts sooner rather than later.

Via WindowsLatest.

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