Microsoft Looking To Extend Xbox Fitness Beyond The Xbox One To Other Devices In The “Microsoft Ecosystem”


Xbox Fitness is a fitness training program available on Xbox One platform. It used Kinect 2.0 to deliver personalized program recommendations based on your workout history and past performance. While Xbox 360 used used a library of 200 captured moves to track performance, Xbox Fitness uses a catalog of more than 2,000 moves. It is more accurate than ever. It can even measure user’s pulse using micro-fluctuations in the blood coursing through their face.

Speaking to Polygon, Dave McCarthy, general manager for Lifestyle Entertainment at Microsoft Studios revealed that Microsoft may be expanding the Xbox fitness to other devices in the Microsoft eco-system. You could see Windows Phone as a potential device that could have Xbox Fitness and if Microsoft is working on some smartwatch, that could be even better device for Xbox Fitness.

“We realize people don’t just do stuff inside the home,” he said. “We’re starting to, articulate with our teams: How do we bring that experience together across our ecosystem of devices, which I think is an interesting opportunity for us as well.

“I don’t know what the specific form of it will take right now, but we’re definitely looking at phones, looking at tablets, looking at PCs and figuring out how we provide a consistent user experience across our devices.”

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Source: The Polygon