Microsoft lean into Enterprise Mobility as they employ sales staff to sell Windows and Windows Phone to business

sales team

Windows Phone has been in the market around 4 years now, and it appears pretty clear that consumers have not embraced the OS.

On the other hand Microsoft has been having quite a bit of success in business, hitting market shares of more than 20% in enterprise in UK for example.

If there was one theme in Satya Nadella’s open letter recently it was that Microsoft is styling itself as a productivity company who’s aim is to help businesses do more.

He said:

We will invest so that Windows (in all its forms) is the most secure, manageable and capable OS for the needs of a modern workforce and IT.

He also said:

I’m looking to the sales and marketing organizations to showcase our unique value propositions and drive customer usage first and foremost.

Microsoft is setting itself up to become the #1 enterprise tablet and phone and are now employing Devices Solution Specialist to help make it happen.

The Devices Solution Specialist is a sales role that work with other Microsoft sales teams to focus on customer and partners to win enterprise deals.

The Devices Solution Specialist sell both Windows OEM and Surface tablets (on equal footing) and Windows Phone units with the goal of becoming the leading supplier of tablets and phones to Enterprise customers.

They aim to compete on every tablet & phone opportunity, identify and pursuing competitive iPad and Android opportunities within Enterprise accounts, and beat the competition with Windows Devices.

Windows Phone has a significant competitive advantage over iOS and Android in enterprise.  For Android it has a security and reliability advantage, while over the iOS there is a significant advantage when it comes to cost and device choice.

With Blackberry now faded out of the market and BYOD also becoming less relevant, do our readers think this is the real winning strategy for Windows Phone and Microsoft? Let us know below.