Microsoft Launches Public Preview Of Office Mix, A New Tool To Create Interactive Online Lessons


6, 2014

Office Mix Create Microsoft today launched the public preview of Office Mix, a new tool that will allow users to create interactive online lessons using PowerPoint. You can add whatever content you want into the Mix. Add audio and video of yourself giving your presentation, write on slides as you talk to them, insert quizzes, practice exercises, and more – all from within PowerPoint. You need Office 2013 and the free Office Mix add-in to do this. Features: Record. Write. Draw.

Record audio or video of yourself giving a lecture. Write and draw directly in PowerPoint, just like you would on the whiteboard.

Work in PowerPoint.

Creating a mix is as simple as making a PowerPoint document. Just install our PowerPoint add-in, and then create lessons from your existing PowerPoint presentations or new ones.

Save Time.

Everything you need to create a mix is included in the PowerPoint add-in, so you don’t have to jump between several apps.


Bring your PowerPoint presentations to life by adding interactive quizzes, online videos, Khan Academy and CK-12 Foundation exercises, and even web pages.

Simple Sharing.

Sharing is as simple as sharing a link. Your mix is private until you share it, and you choose with whom you’d like to share it.

Yes, even that device.

Take the guesswork out of distributing your mixes. Students can view the mix on just about any device with a web browser.*

Office Mix Evaluate Apart from creating, you can even evaluate the sessions. Analyze.

See your impact and gauge student understanding with near-instant analysis of your mix. See which students have viewed your mix and how they did on your quizzes so that you can invest your energy where it is needed most.

Instant Feedback.

Students see their quiz results instantly, so they know how they did and can improve. Want to give your students even more feedback? Add feedback to the answer choices, so students understand why the answer is correct or incorrect.


Help students learn at their own pace. Students can pause, rewind, watch sections over, or even play your mix at 2x speed.

You can download the Plugin and learn more about it from

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