Microsoft Launches To Promote The Usage Of OneNote Among Teachers

Microsoft has two great products for students and teacher, OneNote and the OneNote Class Notebook Creator. But many people are not aware of the existence of these great tools. So, Microsoft has launched a new website, which is developed exclusively for educators is to take a completely new OneNote user and magically turn them into a “OneNote Ninja” in about an hour without any cost to them or their school. delivers FREE interactive trainings with the following unique benefits for  teachers (and administrators):

  1. Focus on basic to advanced scenarios—Our guides start with the “Teacher Basic” tasks that you would do if you just opened OneNote for the first time, and then walks you through some more advanced “Teacher Scenarios” that might involve Office 365 and OneNote class notebooks. Many features are covered in the context of these scenarios, and you can proceed through the guides in any order and as many times you’d like. 
  1. Scenarios based on teacher feedback—In defining what we wanted to include in the trainings, we asked real innovative educators who already use OneNote what they thought other teachers should know about to get started. 
  1. Interactive content at your pace and FREE—Our training takes the form of narrated, interactive click-through guides with customizable timing options. Each guide takes approximately five minutes to complete and has play and pause options. It’s as if you have an instructor sitting right by you telling you where to click and why. Best of all, like OneNote, this training doesn’t cost anything and is optimized for cross-device usage. (Guides are delivered in Silverlight and HTML5.) 
  1. Built-in sharing—Not only are the OneNote trainings all in one place, but they are each individually accessible via a link. That means, if you find a training you think would benefit your colleagues, you can just copy/paste the link or use the sharing buttons in the upper right side of each training and share with your colleagues. There is even the ability to embed trainings in most major websites and blogs, as we have done here!

Source: Microsoft

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