Microsoft launches new social rewards program called ‘into’

Microsoft is launching a social rewards programme, called into by Windows Phone.

The programme will offer “a series of incredible one-off experiences, amazing events and some very special offers.  All of these will be centred around the things we love the most in life – from food and travel, to music and film and even technology.

The programme will launch on Monday, 5th December, and Microsoft is recruiting 10 into insiders from the Windows Phone community to attend the event.

To become an insider applicants need to submit a 200 word entry and a picture explaining how your Windows Phone helps you live out your passions and do all the ‘stuff’ you’re into.

Insiders will get a new Nokia Windows Phone and take part in curating content for the whole into community.

Entry is via the My Kind of Phone Facebook page and should be in by 4pm on 9 November 2011.

Read more detail at My Kind of Phone here.