Microsoft Launches Bing Native Ads Beta In The US


23, 2015

Bing Native Ads

Microsoft yesterday announced the availability in beta of Bing Native Ads which expands the reach of Bing Ads platform to target user intent even outside search. Bing Native Ads are initially launching in US market on MSN.

Bing Native Ads is a native offering optimized for search advertisers. Therefore ease of use for search advertisers is a key aspect of the product design. Search advertisers focus their efforts on optimizing the relevance and ROI of their campaigns using search ad platform workflows, interfaces, and reporting. The management and controls for Bing Native Ads are fully integrated with standard Bing Ads workflows, and all the advertiser interfaces, reporting and conversion tracking available from Bing Ads platform are available for Bing Native Ads. This makes it very easy and effortless for search advertisers to take advantage of this native offering and expand their reach targeting user intent.

Bing Native Ads are designed to deliver good ROI for advertisers leveraging intent signals & algorithms, and also come with bid modifiers for advertisers to manage their participation in and ROI from native ads.

Read more about it here.

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