Microsoft Kinect Powers Reimagined Financial Services Experience


9, 2014

Future Banking

Microsoft recently highlighted that Microsoft Kinect sensor is the key technology behind the prototype of a standalone banking platform revealed by Diebold. Responsive Banking Concept prototype is equipped with touch screens and sensing devices that simplify and protect offsite banking transactions. Read more about it below.

The concept is a standalone banking platform with four connected “experience zones” meant to inspire future digital-to-physical convergence banking capabilities. The R&D Incubation team used market insight, user experience research and collaborative feedback from customer engagements to create a short whiteboard-to-concept lifecycle with innovative features that facilitate seamless and convenient technology-enabled experiences, such as:

  • Touch Surfaces and Sensing Devices: Meant to attract passersby, “smart” glass and video tower walls feature dynamic content management, use near-field communications (NFC), location-based proximity sensors (iBeacons™) and motion detection (Microsoft Kinect™) to securely identify consumers, monitor traffic and personalize marketing content – all while gathering important information about consumer traffic and activity.
  • Queue Management: Consumers have the ability to “get in line” for a session with a virtual teller, remote teller or to withdraw ‘fast cash’ all from their mobile device or the concept’s exterior touch screen panels.
  • Cardless Transactions: Once approaching the concept, a unique quick response (QR) code or NFC is used to authenticate the user and enable secure transactions – without the need for a card or PIN. From there, the user’s mobile device acts as the main interface for private, secure transactions. Consumers can also initiate transactions via ApplePay™.
  • Intelligent Virtual Tellers: An intelligent avatar provides virtual teller services for customers needing to conduct more complex transactions by employing natural language recognition, intelligent assistant, directional audio and advanced cash-in/cash-out technologies.
  • Remote Experts Via Two-Way Video: In addition, via Diebold’s Concierge Video Services™, visitors have the option to connect live with a remote financial expert for personalized, face-to-face consulting services previously confined to the branch.  Unique applications of IP video, digital projection, privacy glass, multi-touch work surface and directional audio maintain privacy for customers, while intelligent systems facilitate a personalized experience by providing user insight on who the consumer is and where they are in their transaction.

The concept allows FIs to be where consumers live, work and play while also providing personalized interaction – without staffing a branch. It’s ideal for high-traffic areas such as malls or airports; however, modular technology elements are also designed for independent or smaller-scale use, such as in retail stores or pharmacies. This concept is well-suited for markets that are experiencing rapid growth in banking services.

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