Microsoft Kin Studio Transforming Into SkyDrive Devices Integration ??


30, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News

Kin Studio is a great concept of managing phone content on the cloud. You can access your photos, videos, and more from the phone using a browser. When Kin was discontinued by Microsoft, they said that the Kin team and its properties are absorbed into Windows Phone/Live team. Based on the report from Liveside today, I think those features in Kin Studio were transferred to Windows Live. Liveside has learned that new features are coming soon to SkyDrive in the name of devices integration.

Based on our information, SkyDrive will soon allow you to access and view files synced from each device via a single user interface on Devices added to Windows Live will show up under a “Devices” section in the SkyDrive navigation panel (right below “Groups”), providing a single consistent interface to access all files stored on the cloud.

If the reports were true, soon you will be playing with your content on Windows phones through browser. That’s one step in a right direction.

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