Microsoft Kin hits the spot “well.. almost” part 3 & 4

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Part 3: Website

The official website is another puzzle. It contains minimal  information about the phone that hardly assist any prospective buyers in making a decision to purchase the phone. Compare this (I hate to say it again the iPhone website) where they lay out a detailed case for why some should buy one.

  • First of all get rid of the Flash based UI!
  • Fully revamp the layout and add detailed information about the phone, indepth description of the features, howto videos, accesories, faq page and a discussion/ support forums. Videos of the Kin studio in action should also be included.

By the time prospective buyers are through with the website, they should virtually have all their questions about the phone answered.

Part 4: Apps…

I’m of the opinion that the Kin doesn’t really need a fully fledged App store. That will be in the domain of Windows phone 7. Casual gaming ability however together with Xbox live intergration should be added . They need to make sure though that the limited apps available are better than on any phones out there. There are basic apps that are missing that should be added.

  • The main glaring ommision is a calendar. What were they thinking? The calendar should be fully fledged similar to the one on WP7 and intergrate easily with the social websites like facebook. Rumored to be coming
  • The email client should be shored up and include better attachment handling and viewing and all the new features of Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4. It is mind boggling that the current email client on the Kin does not support HTML email or push notification?
  • The browser speed needs to be improved add tabs and server-side compression like Opera browser does.
  • The addition of IM clients support and Facebook chat.
  • A location based service app like FourSquare in WP7 should be added since it is social phone.
  • The camera needs additional advanced settings like flash level adjustment, red eye reduction, macro mode expanded on device edit options for picures and videos as well as the ability to rotate videos. Uploads and viewing of Flickr and Youtube would be nice.
  • When deleting pictures from the phone, options to delete from the phone only or delete from the phone and Studio.

Next: Apps continued

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