Microsoft Joins Open Compute Project, Contributes Cloud Server Design


27, 2014

Microsoft today announced that they are joining Open Compute Project (OCP) founded by Facebook. OCP is a community focused on engineering the most efficient hardware for cloud and high-scale computing via open collaboration.

Microsoft also announced that they are contributing Microsoft cloud server specification to the OCP. Microsoft cloud server specifications are the designs for the most advanced server hardware in Microsoft datacenters delivering global cloud services like Windows Azure, Office 365, Bing and others. The Microsoft cloud server specification essentially provides the blueprints for the datacenter servers we have designed to deliver the world’s most diverse portfolio of cloud services. These servers are optimized for Windows Server software and built to handle the enormous availability, scalability and efficiency requirements of Windows Azure, our global cloud platform.

Microsoft hopes that these specs will improve overall cloud computing efficiency across the industry.

Source: Microsoft

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