Microsoft job posting reveals new ‘Family’ team in the Windows Development Group


Earlier today, a report revealed information about Microsoft’s plans for new Family Oriented technology in Windows – Home Hub.

A Microsoft job posting – scouted out by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley – has provided some more context to this, specifically the formation of a specialised “family team” to deal with the task of creating a framework via with family members can share content such as pictures, videos and more. While Microsoft previously had rudimentary support for this built off on the Windows Phone 8 platform, the support wasn’t as fleshed out as the family sharing capabilities built by Google and Apple into their respective platforms. This initiative aims to change that.

Here’s what the job posting says

Families are among the most valuable and loyal customers of Microsoft. Families want an environment where children can use their devices and our services safely and responsibly. Families want to share pictures, videos, applications, games, and other purchases easily. Families want to communicate freely and stay in touch. Microsoft is competing fiercely with Google, Amazon, Apple, AT&T and numerous other giants to build a compelling portfolio for families, and the race is just getting started.

Join the Family team in WDG, and be a critical part of this mission. You will be designing and building web and backend services that will power critical family features for hundreds of millions of users and their families all over the world. Your work will enable families to grow, to keep children safe on the Internet, make purchases in a responsible manner, share digital media and subscriptions, and do much more. You will have a passion for quality and be a creative thinker. You will use Cosmos, Microsoft Power BI, and the Asimov Cloud Data Platform for developing business insights through data mining and analysis. Your work will be the cornerstone of the features we will build for families!

Microsoft’s Home Hub is rumoured to be coming next year, and this work would be very crucial to it.

While its not exactly a huge revelation in light of the previous reports, it does add more credibility to them.

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