Microsoft Japan still trying to gag WP7 devs about Mango regional deficiencies

tezawaly @ Oniak3 development purposes, but saying that we understand, is supported outside the country (and the EULA for the Connect procedure Apart from written descriptions and 1.3), "no screen shots" I like that there are special rules for?
2 hours ago

Akira Onishi (Akira Onishi) @ Tezawaly country if not support, device update, the functions corresponding to the language version I do not get in, do not want to spread the screenshot. Microsoft provides examples of services Subjected feature varies by country. # Wp7dev_jp
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Japanese blogger and developer Tezawaly has run straight into the WP7 Mango NDA we had believed has been lifted by Microsoft a week ago.

He has been told by Microsoft Japan’s Mango champ Akira Onishi that he was not allowed to show screen shots of Mango if he was not located in an official Mango beta country.  This excludes countries like Japan, China and South Korea, and India. The issue appears to be due to differences in the availability of services available in unsupported countries.

For the majority of our readers of course this is a major hot button issue, and also likely one that is somewhat embarrassing to Microsoft. However gagging developers from talking about it certainly does not feel right.

On a related note, Microsoft Japan’s president Yasuyuki Higuchi told the press yesterday Windows Phone 7 handsets would get to the country by June 2012, a worryingly distant target date compared the the promised fall roll-out of Windows Phone 7 Mango, which extends the supported footprint for the OS significantly. Microsoft announced the addition of primarily Japanese OEM Fujitsu at a Mango event last month, and it may be that the localization for the OS in Japan is still far from complete.

The Japanese market has special requirements for their phones, and Yasuyuki said Microsoft was working with multiple Japanese companies including game, publisher, entertainment, food and restaurant industry, navigation, shopping, travel and SNS to make sure the OS shipped with all the required "ke-tai" features in place.

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