Microsoft, its not too late! Fix your mistake and also buy the Nokia brand


Let me start by saying I don’t know the future, but neither does Microsoft, and the company often makes mistakes which damages their sales and success.

One only has to look at the damaging effect of the WP7/WP8 transition, overpricing the Surface RT tablets, and the Microsoft KIN to appreciate this.

One such mistake, currently in progress, is for some bizarre and unfathomable reason not purchasing or licensing the Nokia brand for use with their smartphones.

As the results of our poll above suggests, Microsoft is set to lose big from this mistake.  While I am sure the poll, on a Windows Phone fan site, contains an element of a protest vote, I suspect for the man on the street the results will be even more extreme – Ask them if they want a Microsoft Windows Phone and at present less than 4 in 100 say yes, and that is with the Nokia brand.

Ask them if they want a Nokia phone, and even now 15 out of 100 people say yes, even if most of these are feature phones.

There is a reason why 42% of Windows Phone users are previous feature phone owners, and it has nothing to do with Windows, Word or SkyDrive. Did the success of the HTC Windows Phone 8X teach them nothing?

Microsoft’s brand is simply rubbish in the mobile space, and it will be one of their biggest mistakes to take on Nokia’s liabilities without also taking over their biggest asset, their decades-strong brand.


Now I don’t know why Microsoft did not purchase the name, but if it costs them $1 or $2 billion to buy or share it with Nokia then I think this is a price worth paying.  They will in the end still end up spending that much and even more on futile marketing trying to bring the Windows Phone brand up to the same level as the Nokia brand.

Now we currently live in a kinder, gentler time, when Microsoft actually pays attention to outrage and attempt to correct their mistakes before it is too late.

To Microsoft then I say – Fix this mistake before it is too late and pay whatever it takes to get the name Nokia back on your smartphones.

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