Microsoft issuing refunds for Xbox Fitness in-app purchases


Two months ago Microsoft Studios announced that the company was killing Xbox Fitness.

The game was designed to allow users to exercise at home guided by stars such as Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton of P90X, Shaun T of INSANITY and more.  Users were able to buy individual workouts, and the service worked with and without the Kinect sensor.

Due to Microsoft sun-setting the exercise program, users were no longer able to buy any more videos, and would ultimately not be able to use the game at all when the app stopped working on 30th June 2017, meaning that users would not have access to exercise videos which were part of the in-app purchases for the app.

The move angered many users, given that real cash was involved, and following the news MOSSA, the company behind the creation of the videos, said that they would make the videos available outside Xbox Fitness via DVD or a streaming option.

Now it seems Microsoft itself is trying to make it right.

xbox fitness refund

DigitalTrends report users at gaming forum Neogaf have been receiving credits from Microsoft for purchases made inside the app. It is not clear how this will affect plans for the videos themselves being made available.

While the gesture is certainly welcome it does little to settle the debate regarding digital purchases made on locked down and DRM’ed platforms where the actual nature of the ownership of content you have paid for is always under question and at the mercy of the platform holder.

Should all DRM’ed content be considered temporary, even when “purchased” instead of rented? Let us know your thoughts below.