Microsoft is working on a new laptop battery system that learns your habits to increase battery life


Microsoft is always working on fascinating technologies. Today, however, the company revealed a new project that could possibly change how long your laptop’s battery lasts. The company’s researches have built a new technology which makes your laptops and tablets’ battery last longer with smarter software. The project, dubbed as the Software Defined Batteries combines different kinds of battiries which are optimized for different tasks. The  Software Defined Batteries then works with the OS to figure out what the user wants to open and enables the most efficient battery for that specific task, which is, indeed, quite interesting. Additionally, the system also learns the user’s habits and uses various techniques to expand the battery life.

Here are some examples of how this new technology could increase the battery life of devices such as laptops:

For example, the system may recognize that the user plugs in the tablet every day around 2:45 p.m., and then gives a long PowerPoint presentation every day at 3 p.m. That means the computer needs to be ready to do quick charge at that time, so the person can make it through that afternoon meeting.

Another user may use the computer primarily for e-mail and Word documents during the day, then switch to surfing the web and watching videos on a train or bus commute home. Based on those habits, the computer can optimize the charge to make sure the user can do both without having to search desperately for an outlet.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft develops this technology in the near-future. Don’t be surprised to see this new technology in new laptops in the coming months, though.