Microsoft is trialling cool new Save dialogue for Office 365


3, 2018

With the latest versions of Office 365 constantly saving documents in the background we should be using the Save button less and less, but this is just for existing documents.

For new documents, you still have to go through the slow and outdated Save Dialogue box which seems dated to the 90s.

Microsoft is, however, trialling a new, faster and more intuitive Save Dialogue, as discovered by Aggiornamenti Lumia. The box would more logically have you name your document first, with a default location already selected, meaning saving a document would be a one-step process.

If you want to save it to a different location, however, browsing your previous locations is just one drop down box away.

The feature is only being tested by a few at present, and it is now known if Microsoft will roll it out further, but is certainly appears to be an advance on the current state of the art.

See it demoed in video below.

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