Microsoft Is Thinking Of Developing ‘German-Controlled’ Cloud Data Centre To Serve Its Customers

In an interview, Microsoft Germany head has revealed that Microsoft is thinking of creating German controlled data centers to better serve its customers in Germany. In the recent years, information security is becoming a key concern for enterprises and governments. After the recent revelations about governments snooping on data, cloud data storage location has become the key point of discussion. In fact, Microsoft is now considering the possibility of working with partners to develop a cloud data centre based in Germany, with the aim of alleviating national concerns over cyber security.

According to Illek, Microsoft is “testing” the idea of a ‘German cloud system’, where data could be hosted by a partner company but not be subject to US law. However, he said: “Whether and when it will happen, I cannot say.”

Illek said Microsoft’s current data centres in the Netherlands and Ireland are becoming “increasingly popular” with major clients, but he said “this is obviously not enough” for some German organisations, which suggested “there is a market for cloud services to be offered from a German data centre subject to German or European law”.

Illek said Microsoft is already talking to German telecoms providers who have developed so-called ‘email made in Germany’ encryption systems. However, he said: “It is important that the encryption of individual email systems are compatible.”

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Source: Out-law,