Microsoft is testing Outlook Groups for Windows Phone


Back in 2014, Microsoft launched Groups for Office 365 – allowing businesses to communicate and work on projects easily. Now, it seems like Microsoft will be bringing Groups to Windows 10 Mobile sometime soon. The company has built a UserVoice for Outlook Groups for Windows Phone which suggests that the company is internally testing the new app. We aren’t entirely sure if the Outlook Group or Windows Phone app is an app for the Groups in Office 365 – however, that seems like the case here.

Interestingly enough, at Dreamforce 2015, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off Groups running on Windows 10 Mobile, take a look:

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We’re going to assume that the Outlook Groups for Windows Phone is the same Groups app for Windows 10 Mobile, which was demoed by Microsoft CEO earlier this week. For now, we don’t really know if Microsoft will be releasing the Outlook Groups for Windows Phone to the public sometime soon – but nonetheless, the app should be an interesting to Windows Phone, especially for enterprises.

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Outlook Groups
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