Microsoft Is Sharing Machine Learning Knowledge Among Its Employees


13, 2014

Microsoft is going big on machine learning. They are encouraging their employees to incorporate machine learning techniques into their projects. Recently, they concluded the Fall 2014 edition of Practice of Machine Learning Conference (PMLC) in which Over 1,700 Microsoft employees attended the two day event, which featured 60 talks on a broad spectrum of areas ranging from new algorithms to ML applications such as anomaly detection and fraud. There were tutorials on engineering, labeling, Azure Machine Learning, multi-world testing and more.

The PMLC is held twice a year. Between conferences, the Microsoft ML community gathers regularly for smaller in-person and online events where practitioners share their experience and expertise. Members also participate in ML-focused hackathons and internal forums, and have access to resources such as the online Machine Learning University, which pulls together course materials on the most-requested ML topics. These activities are designed to allow ML practitioners from around the world share their knowledge, help one another and make Microsoft products and services better through the power of ML.

Read more about it here.

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