Microsoft Is Protecting Customers From Tech Support Scams


19, 2014

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Tech Support scams are not new and these scam artists act like an so-called “technician” to gain access to a person’s computer. They make money on cleaning non-existent computer viruses and infections  on consumer PCs. Also, they steal personal and financial information or even installing new malicious software. Microsoft today revealed that they received over 65,000 customer complaints regarding fraudulent tech support scams.

Microsoft is making efforts to protect customers from such scams,

Our Customer Support Services team is leading efforts to help impacted customers. If someone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support, or affiliated with Microsoft, calls you:

  • Do not purchase any software or services.
  • Ask if there is a fee or subscription associated with the “service.” If there is, hang up.
  • Never give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm that it is a legitimate representative of a computer support team with whom you are already a customer.
  • Take the caller’s information down and immediately report it to your local authorities.
  • Never provide your credit card or financial information to someone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of technical support scam, please contact:

Read more about it here.

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