Microsoft Is Planning To Make Substantial Changes To The Internet Explorer UI

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft released a touch based IE to work well with touch devices. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft improved the user experience of the touch browser with lots of UI changes and new features such as browser sync across Windows devices. With all the releases, the UI of desktop version of IE remained the same. Based on the response from Microsoft Connects website, it looks like Microsoft may revamp the UI of desktop IE with the next release of the browser.

The user suggestion,

It would be brilliant if the favourites bar on future versions of IE could be the same colour as the windows 8 window colour – this would finally unify all aspects of IE, and make it all link together as on programme – rather than the favourites and menu bar looking like a crude add-on.
To finally be able to use IE as a whole browser, and being able to use the bookmarks bar without cringing every time you look at it would be a brilliant enhancement to the UI of the browser.

IE team’s reply,

Thanks for the feedback.
We’re making substantial changes to the UI, we’ll keep this in mind.

Are you satisfied with IE? What changes do you expect from Microsoft?

Source: Connect via: WinBeta

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