Microsoft is offering back to school deals on the Lumia 830, 635 and 630 in the UK


Its the month of September, also known as back to school month. As is customary, Microsoft UK is offering selected deals and discounts on the Lumia 830, Lumia 635 and Lumia 630.

For the former, Microsoft is offering a Lumia 830 in any colour of your choice (black), and a free wireless charging plate in black, white or yellow for only £219 for all devices included in the bundle.

The Lumia 830 is Microsoft’s former flagship device and comes with a  10MP camera, 5 inch HD screen and metal trim polycarbonate design. It normally runs for £300, making this a very good deal for users who don’t want to spend too much for a premium experience.

Lumia 635 UK Order

The other two devices in the bundle are the Lumia 630 and 635, each offering an attractive option of a free colored shell and Coloud Headphones for £108.99.

While the bundle is attracive on the surface, it is worth noting that a more capable Lumia 735 or Lumia 640 can be found for about the same price if you look hard enough.

The Lumia 535 is also being sold from as low as £50, giving you a bigger screen, better cameras and a confirmed Windows 10 update.

On the level, while this would have been a good deal last year, its not so interesting at the moment.

Nonetheless check out both deals from the source link below.

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