Microsoft Is Making It Easier For Enterprise Customers To Upgrade To Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft is now focused on getting their Enterprise customers stay up-to-date with the latest version of Internet Explorer. As many enterprise customers have Web apps and services that were designed specifically for older versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft is providing a set of tools, like Enterprise Mode, the Enterprise Mode Site List, and Enterprise Site Discovery, to help you run these applications in Internet Explorer 11 — and ease the upgrade to Windows 10.

Enterprise Mode helps customers extend their investments in older Web apps through higher compatibility with the IE8 rendering engine in a more modern browser like Internet Explorer 11. In the ten months since we released Enterprise Mode, we’ve heard from our customers that it is very effective at improving legacy app compatibility and that the upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 was easier than ever before. To help us tell this story, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview and survey large customers in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan who have started their IE11 upgrades. Customers found that:

  • Upgrading from IE8 to IE11 was 2.3 times faster than expected, thanks to Enterprise Mode.
  • The effort to rewrite applications to modern browser standards was reduced by 75%.
  • Ongoing browser support and critical applications testing were significantly reduced.
  • Many business users saw improved productivity from using a single browser.

If you have the time and budget, Microsoft recommends that you should update your site for established, modern Web standards, so you don’t need to use compatibility offerings to make your site continue to work.

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