Microsoft Is Improving Audio Quality In Skype Using Advanced Audio Processing Technology

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Microsoft Skype team today announced that several cutting edge improvements are on the way and one of these improvements is “advanced audio processing technology.” This improvement is already part of the latest version on Skype apps. For example in Lumia devices, Microsoft is using the new advanced audio processing technology.

“Audio signal processing over mobile devices is getting more sophisticated all the time. We can therefore leverage the audio capabilities that have been optimized for a specific device’s acoustics,” notes Sriram Srinivasan, Senior Program Manager, Audio Digital Signal Processing. “Several Lumia phones, for example, have multiple microphones, and what we do is work with the Lumia team to make sure those devices’ capabilities are perfectly aligned with what we want Skype to do.” Sriram gave a very common example – what happens when you want to make a video call with your Lumia in a noisy place like an airport? “When you’re activating the front facing camera, signals from all the microphones are combined using Lumia’s smart signal processing technology to zoom in to your voice and cancel everything else.”

But, says Sriram, sometimes you want to use your rear camera and pick up even more audio information. “What if you’re at your child’s piano recital, and you want to show grandma the child playing the piano while providing narration? Switch to the rear camera, and the microphones will now provide relevant audio from more sources.”

Advanced audio processing technology is just one of the many updates we’re currently working on. And Skype team is promising that they will be delivering updates to all their clients in small chunks in a regular time period rather than one big release every few months.

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