Microsoft Is Donating Cutting-Edge Technology Worth 1 Million To U.S. Diplomacy Center


Microsoft today announced a $1 million in-kind contribution to build a high-tech interactive exhibit at the U.S. Diplomacy Center (USDC). The USDC will be a next-generation museum and education center that will showcase the importance of American diplomacy.

Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies will transport museum visitors to the front lines of American diplomacy.  As we picture it, the DIPLOMACY IS EVERYWHERE, 24/7 Exhibit will feature the latest Microsoft technology, such as Surface Hub touch screens, Skype Translator, and Bing Maps.  The result will be a next-generation museum—where visitors can virtually play the role of diplomat.  They’ll travel where diplomats travel, talk with foreign diplomatic counterparts, and make the decisions diplomats make every day around the world.

See this PowerPoint presentation on the Microsoft-DCF partnership, including design concepts for the exhibits.

Read more about it here.