Microsoft Is Aware Of Battery Charging Issue In Surface Pro 3, Working On The Fix Already

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has already given out Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review units to the press. Some of the review units of Surface Pro 3 are facing a battery charging issue in which the device won’t turn on even when connected to the charger. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and confirmed that Microsoft is working on the fix that will be delivered via update soon.

The issue was first revealed by Neowin’s own editor-in-chief Brad Sams, who tweeted late on Monday that his Surface Pro 3 review unit would not turn on, even though the tablet was connected to its battery charger. It emerged that the same issue had apparently been encountered by ZDNet’s Ed Bott and Mary Jo Foley.

Hopefully, the end consumers who have ordered the product will have a great experience when they receive the product starting next month.Pre-order it from Microsoft Store today

Source: Neowin