Microsoft Invites You To Check Out How Internet Explorer Is Trying To Move The Web Forward


22, 2014

Rethink What The Web Can Be

Microsoft today launched a new marketing campaign called Rethink  that will showcase how Internet Explorer is helping to create a web that is fast, beautiful, and perfect for touch. In the past two years, Microsoft has partnered with no.of companies and even build no.of project by themselves to promote IE and to showcase the power of the modern web. They are now trying to bring it all together.

Rethink is about where the Web has come from and where it can go with a modern browser like Internet Explorer. We’ve taken a different approach than others by helping create experiences that work well not only with Internet Explorer but across any modern browser and device. People expect their browser to be fast and so do we. But that’s not enough, we’ve also built the best touch-first browser for your tablet. And we’ve made real progress over the past two years with continued gains in market share worldwide. People are starting to ‘rethink’ Internet Explorer as we’ve challenged them to reconsider their outdated perceptions of the browser by poking fun at ourselves in a series of videos, some nostalgic, some self-deprecating, including “Child of the 90s” and “Do you know this guy?” We even took to the streets to ask real people their thoughts on Internet Explorer.

You can enjoy all the experiences here.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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