Microsoft invests in Seattle-based startup Atlas Informatics

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Atlas Informatics is a startup in Seattle with an audacious goal to redefine search as we know it. Atlas Recall, the company’s first product, gives you a searchable photographic memory that helps you find everything you have seen across all of your devices, apps and cloud services. They have raised $20.7 million from a group of investors including Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold and Aspect Ventures.

  • Atlas Recall runs in the background as you work, chat, play and surf, and takes note of what’s important to you, securely, remembering everything that you see across all of your devices so that you don’t have to.
  • Atlas Recall lets you choose what you do and don’t want it to remember. For example, I tell Recall to index all of my Slack messages, but I don’t need it to record what I’m watching on Netflix.
  • Atlas Recall doesn’t add an extra layer to your productivity tools. Instead, it works alongside your apps to make the data and information that is important to you easily searchable with context — all without APIs or needing your passwords. That means Recall will remember everything across all your services — yes, everything — the way your brain remembers. I may not remember that my ticket to the game was emailed to me, but I might remember that it was my sister who sent it to me yesterday. I can search for the ticket by using her name and the day.
  • Likewise, Atlas Recall works alongside the apps and services you already know and love, presenting information in a visual way that’s easy to scan through.

Atlas Recall is now available for Mac users here and iOS users here. Windows 10 version of the app will be released soon.