Microsoft invests in pen and finger multi-touch company

microsoft-courier-tablet_2 Microsoft has invested in N-trig, a multi-touch technology solution provider from Israel. 

N-trig was founded in 1999 and develops and produces multi-touch systems that works with up to 4 fingers while also allowing the use of a pen at the same time.

Rick Seger, president of N-Trig, said he believed the combination of multi-touch and pen technology would be important, particularly in slate computers. Seger’s company’s DuoSense feature pen and multi-touch capabilities made it better suited for both business applications (including the normal multi-touch features like zooming, as well as signing documents) and education, where he said it was better for tasks such as note-taking.

In the past two years, N-trig has signed agreements with HP, Dell, Toshiba, and Lenovo. In addition, its technology is part of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7.

Microsoft is also believed to be developing a tablet, the Microsoft Courier, which relies for a large part of its interface on the interaction between the use of pen and finger inputs.

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