Microsoft Intune offers day 0 support for Apple iOS 10




Microsoft Intune team last month announced that Intune will have day 0 support for Android N. They have been testing their MDM and MAM scenarios with the available Android N preview builds since the day the developer preview bits first became available back in March 2016. At a press event earlier today, Apple announced that they are releasing iOS 10 on 9/13/2016. Now, Microsoft Intune has announced that they will also support iOS 10 from day 0.

Similar to Android N, they have been working to ensure that all existing MDM and MAM scenarios are compatible with the latest version of iOS and they are expecting all existing Intune features currently available for managing iOS devices will continue to work seamlessly as your users upgrade their devices and apps to iOS 10. In addition, iOS 10 will also work with customers managing in hybrid with both Intune and Configuration Manager.

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