Microsoft Introduces Bing Boards


21, 2013

Today Microsoft talked about its latest experiment with Bing, Bing Boards.  Bing Boards is essentially a slideshow with images and videos with context an captions.  Microsoft is working with a small group of food  and lifestyle bloggers, experts and social influencers to help create the Bing Boards.  The Bing boards will show up in the in the middle column of Bing on the sidebar.


Bing is one of Microsoft’s most important brands and recently the software giant has been promoting it as a platform.  Bing is expected to be deeply integrated into Windows 8.1 and bring Siri-like voice functionality to the OS.  It already powers the voice features in Windows Phone.  Bing continues to experiment to gain marketshare and has recently made a number of partnerships including on with Klout.  Microsoft it currently has a nationwide Bing-it-on TV campaign to try to increase awareness of the search engine.

Source: Bing Blog

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