Today Microsoft announced a preview of Feedback for Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Built on Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Feedback is a place where users can go to provide feedback on Microsoft 365 apps and services in one place. From Feedback, users can submit new feedback for the community or participate in existing feedback by voting for feedback that matches their own or comment on existing topics.

Starting today, the preview of Feedback is available for Microsoft 365 apps and services and Microsoft Edge, and will be available later for Windows and other products.

In the personal My Feedback section, users can view feedback they’ve submitted publicly on Feedback or private feedback they’ve given Microsoft from within existing products. Whether reviewing public or private feedback, users can also review their feedback’s impact as well as the status by viewing official responses from the Microsoft teams working on these products.

Users can access the Feedback portal whether they’re on a desktop or mobile device, irrespective of a particular device or form factor. Users can also continue sending feedback from within apps where it is available.

Check it out at Microsoft here.