Microsoft introduce “enhanced Skype for Windows 10”

It’s been in the works since March, but today Microsoft confirmed the replacement of the Skype UWP app with a new “updated, enhanced Skype for Windows 10”.

Microsoft says, starting in June 2020, Skype for Windows 10 and Skype for Desktop are becoming one so they can provide a consistent experience.

The updated Store app now offers:

Unfortunately, the move will mean some features will no longer be supported. Microsoft says they tried to preserve all the functionality of existing Skype for Windows 10 experience, but there are a couple of things that are not yet supported on this platform including:

At a deeper level, of course, what is doing on is that Microsoft has replaced another UWP app with their Electron framework, but Microsoft has been working on adding UWP features such as Interactive Notifications back to the app,  so hopefully most users won’t miss much functionality.

The new Skype Store app can be found here.

Developer: ‪Skype‬
Price: Kostenlos

via Winbuzzer

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