Microsoft Internet Explorer Team Provides Updates On Their Platform Roadmap


19, 2014

Back in May, Microsoft announced their decision to openly share their platform roadmap via status.modern.IE. Yesterday, IE team announced another round of updates to their plan. These updates include new ECMAScript, Networking, Performance, Media, CSS, and DOM features under consideration and in development.

Additionally, IE feature statuses are also integrated into via our open data feed. You can also help us make this a valuable resource for developers by contributing to the open source project. As always, ask us questions and give us feedback via @IEDevChat.

Feature Status
Math Built-ins (ES6) In Development
Number Built-ins (ES6) In Development
String Built-ins (ES6) In Development
Object Built-ins (ES6) In Development
RegExp Built-ins (ES6) In Development
Classes (ES6) In Development
Template Strings (ES6) In Development
dppx Unit for resolution Media Query In Development
DOM Event Constructors In Development
WAV Audio Support In Development
Meta Referrer In Development
WeakSet (ES6) Under Consideration
Spread (ES6) Under Consideration
Tail Calls (ES6) Under Consideration
Subclassing (ES6) Under Consideration
Modules (ES6) Under Consideration
SIMD (ES7) Under Consideration
ASM.js Under Consideration
Clipboard API Under Consideration

Follow status.modern.IE for continual updates on the Web platform in IE.

Source: Internet Explorer blog

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