Microsoft insider agrees Skype purchase is major IP communication play

We speculated a few days ago that the Skype purchase would best pay off for Microsoft if Microsoft leveraged Skype into becoming a gigantic Internet carrier.

Now an internal source has confirmed to Business Insider that this is exactly what Microsoft intends to achieve, according to them “ to make a big move into the IP communications space, as well as for its huge audience and its peer-to-peer video chat”

Skype contributes its gigantic audience and also its numerous and worldwide existing agreements to connect callers to the traditional phone system(Skype out).

The source said Microsoft wanted Skype for:

  • User base. Microsoft hopes to sell other products to Skype’s huge user base — more than 660 million users, including more than 120 million active or "connected" users.
  • Peer to peer video. Lync has one-to-many videoconferencing, but Skype’s peer-to-peer video chat adds another potentially more efficient and easier way to place video calls.
  • Rumours of other companies’ interest.

The beauty and elegance of the Skype deal is that Microsoft does not need to change Skype’s direction – they simply need to do what Skype is doing already, and use their resources to leverage the network to an even bigger scale.

If Microsoft succeeds in their goal they would succeed in becoming part of the infra-structure of the internet, always valuable for a company under attack.

Read more at BusinessInsider here.

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