Microsoft “in the planning phase” of Windows Phone 8–lets tell them what we want

Windows phone 8 now also on the roadmap
Windows phone 8 now also on the roadmap

A recent job posting by Microsoft revealed, predictably enough, that after the release of Windows Phone 7 Microsoft is already planning the next version of the OS, Windows Phone 8.

The relevant part reads:

We are just putting the last touches on Office Mobile 2010 on Windows Phone 7 which will be a very competitive device and a breakthrough for Microsoft in the Mobile Market. With Office 15 and Windows Phone 8 planning phase just getting under way, now is also the perfect time to join us and help shape the future of Office Mobile 15 on Windows Phone 8 as we plan to create the next wave of innovation that will lead our product to even greater heights. Very exciting…

Now of course there is not much else to the story, except that the add involves planning new features of Mobile Office, but to me it does raise the question of what I want in the next version of the OS, which I think would be a fun question to address to our readers.

If expect niggles like Cut and Paste, tethering, ring tones, Flash and in-browser Silverlight  to be sorted out well before this, but we will likely not see major architectural changes in WP 7.x, so features like a task switcher and/or multi-tasking will probably be something that will have to wait for the next version.

Personally I would like to see Microsoft close the loop between desktop and phone more, for example being able to swipe a phone application from my phone to my desktop, something which due to the cross platform nature of Silverlight and XNA should be perfectly possible.

Other flights of fancy would include making an option for inductive charging  mandatory, possibly via the ability to buy battery covers with the required circuitry.

Is there anything our readers are dying to see in the next version of Windows Phone? Let us know below.

Edit: In the interest of promoting innovative ideas, I am going to promote some ideas I like:

SteveB’s “have the ability to start a new (OneNote) note without having to (PIN-)unlock the phone, for example by a long press of the search button” is the first.

Morgan3rd says: “I think Sea-dragon and Photosynths should be implemented into the pictures hub…. Holding the back button could bring up a scrollable list of screenshots of places you have been recently with a screenshot of the website, hub, App, whatever.”