Microsoft Improves The Guidance For Developers To Port Apps From iOS And Android To Windows Phone


Microsoft has been working on several fronts to port various apps from other platforms to Windows Phones. They provided us with the guidance, API mapping tools, etc for porting apps from Symbian, iOS and Android platforms. Today Windows Phone developer team announced about their improved guidance to port apps along with some new tools to do them.

From Windows Phone team blog,

1) First we have built a series of samples to aid you in the process of migrating your iPhone & Android applications over to Windows Phone by providing a look at the differences and similarities of each platform. Through analysis, you’ll see how to implement the same functionality on Windows Phone as you have within your iPhone and Android application. We’ve started with 3 samples:

  • In-App Advertisements
  • Geo-Location
  • Group Messaging

2) Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” includes relational database support by way of Microsoft SQL Server Compact (SQLCE). So we thought it might be handy to create a tool to aid developers in getting their database (data, schemas and views) ported over to Windows Phone without too much trouble. Differences in data types between various database platforms can make the manual migration of your data a daunting task. SQLite2SQLCE is a tool developed to make the conversion process simple by converting a SQLite database into SQLCE while simultaneously creating the default classes needed to incorporate the new database into your Windows Phone application.

With the database conversion tool, we’ve also included a nifty tool designed to aid developers in converting their SQL queries to LINQ while simultaneously helping them to learn the new query language. LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) is a native data querying toolset integrated into the .NET Framework and use on Windows Phone.

3) Improved API Mapping tool.

You can read more about this in detail at Windows Phone team blog.

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