Microsoft Improves Sway Creation Experience With Lots Of New Features

Sway Web App

Based on user feedback, Microsoft has made some improvements to the Sway creation experience on the web. They have updated the top toolbar to include a familiar tabbed experience, similar to other Office applications.

They got feedback that working with Cards could be easier in the Storyline and so they have improved it. First, when you tap or click the + button, now you’ll see blank Cards for the most common types of content, which you can add with just a single tap or click. Second, if you choose Cards in the top toolbar, you can see a Card gallery showing you, at a glance, all of the different Card types that can be added into your Sway. Simply drag and drop any of these Card options to your Sway, then tap or click to add the multimedia.

There are new font customizations as well.

We want to make sure Sway is oriented towards saving you time with its built-in design engine, but we want to strike the proper balance and ensure you can effectively tweak Sway’s automatic formatting to reflect your style—including selecting which font goes with which style. In the next couple of days, you’ll see an update so that when you select Customize on a style, you will now be able to select the font pair you’d like to use in addition to the color palette.  We’ll initially have 15 font pairs to choose from and we’ll continue to add more soon.

Source: Office