Microsoft cancels Ignite Tour in Zurich amid the Coronavirus outbreak


3, 2020

Microsoft Ignite Tour

The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by storm and as countries scramble to fight the virus, the tech giants are fighting a totally different battle. Ever since the outbreak became global, companies have been cancelling their events to prevent the spread of the virus and for the safety of their employees.

Earlier today, Microsoft cancelled the MVP Global Summit while Adobe and Google cancelled their respective events. Now, the company has confirmed that it is cancelling Microsoft Ignite Tour in Zurich citing the Coronavirus outbreak as the reason. Earlier the company cancelled Ignite Tour in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Shanghai. The cancellation was announced on Twitter on 29th Feb and Microsoft has now updated their Ignite Tour website to reflect the change.

Microsoft Ignite Tour is still scheduled to take place but Microsoft is monitoring the situation and might cancel it in other cities as well.

Last month, GSMA announced its decision to cancel MWC 2020 after most of the big players dropped out. This was then followed by Facebook cancelling F8 summit and the cancellation of GDC 2020. Facebook has also cancelled its Global Marketing Summit which was followed by Oppo and Xiaomi cancelling their respective events.

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