Microsoft: Hospitals Can Save Up To 60 Percent Of The Medical Images Storage Cost By Migrating To Azure

Azure Health

30 percent of the world’s computer storage capacity is used to store medical images such as digital x-rays, angiograms, and CT scans. As medical technology continues to advance, the volume of data is only expected to increase and storage has become a huge challenge for the healthcare industry. It is difficult to manage all of the patients data and it is also expensive.

Microsoft is claiming that by turning to the cloud for storage, healthcare providers can generate huge savings, anywhere from 40 percent to 60 percent of the cost of keeping this data on-premises. Instead of  purchasing or managing their own infrastructure, they simply pay for what they use on a monthly basis, scaling up or down as their storage needs fluctuate. Microsoft has a solution called Storsimple for hospitals.

For healthcare providers wanting to maintain some of their data on-premises, Microsoft offers a hybrid cloud storage solution from StorSimple and Microsoft Azure. With StorSimple, healthcare organizations can store heavily used data within their own network, while shifting less frequently used data to the cloud. Customers can access their on-premises enterprise data in Microsoft Azure. To help ensure maximum privacy, data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using an encryption key that can only be accessed locally within the organization.

By offering multiple storage solutions, Microsoft aims to accommodate a broad range of storage needs. Ultimately, our goal is to allow healthcare providers to move to the cloud at a pace that’s right for them.

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