Microsoft hiring psychologists, graphics designers to create new Windows Phone features



artistWe know one of the strong features of Windows Phone 7 is its design-led interface.  It seems Microsoft is not sitting on its laurels however when it comes to adding new features to the operating system.

In a series of job posts they asked for prospective Design Program Managers, Visual Designers, User Experience Designers  and User Experience Researchers to apply for a job in their Mobile Experience Team.

The designers will be tasked with “extending and evolving the functionality of Windows Phone” and provide “new ways to connect with our consumers”, and help the team “evolve the look and feel of the Windows Phones interface.”

Its certainly reassuring to know they will not just leave it up to the coders to paste new functionality (like a task switcher for example) into the OS, but actually engage in thoughtful design and research to maintain a cohesive and attractive platform.  Hopefully however all this research and development will not delay the introduction of much-requested new features which the OS needs to becoming increasingly competitive.

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