Microsoft Highlights The Improvements Made In Surface Pro 3 To Make It Work Great On Your Lap

Microsoft coined the term Lapability last year to describe how well you can work using the device on your lap. Lapability means being able to get work done comfortably in tight spaces. They improved Lapability of Surface 2 with two stage kickstand, but with Microsoft made it perfect with the release of Surface Pro 3. Microsoft closely paid attendtion to a lot of aspects of the device ensure that Surface Pro 3 works great on your lap in a variety of settings. Microsoft highlighted the following three aspects in SP3 which makes it great to use on a lap.

The kickstand

Surface Pro 3 features a ‘continuous’ kickstand that uses friction to easily adjust to any angle up to 150 degrees. This obviously allows for a lot of viewing angles on tables and desks of different heights, but it also allows the kickstand to accommodate a lot of different lap positions.

Surface Pro Type Cover

The new Surface Pro Type Cover still offers the great typing experience of past Type Covers as well as backlighting and a larger trackpad with reduced friction. It still does a great job of protecting your screen. It also features magnetic stability – the ability to magnetically lock to the lower bezel of Surface Pro 3 across the full width of the device. This creates a remarkable amount of stability in a lot of positions – whether you’re working on a desk or on your lap.

Weight and balance

Surface Pro 3 is thin and light, and the balance of the device is important as you use it on your lap. Surface Pro 3 packs an amazing amount of computing power into a tablet that weighs only 1.76 pounds and is 0.36 inches thin. It is also balanced to feel great in your hands and to work brilliantly as a laptop replacement.

You can order Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft Store today.

If you are a desktop user, you can order Surface Pro 3 Docking Station from Microsoft Store.

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