Microsoft Highlights New Multitasking Features Coming In Windows 10

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Today, Microsoft detailed the new multi-tasking features coming with Windows 10. With features like Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist, Windows 10 is the one of the best OS out there for true multi-tasking.

Snap Assist:

We often have multiple apps open at once, jumping between them to complete tasks. Windows 10 makes it easier to organize your screen with enhancements in Snap. Now you can quickly snap up to four things on your screen at once simply by dragging those apps into the corners. Windows will even suggest how to fill the gaps with other open apps.

Task View:

Sometimes the amount of content we run on our computer can get overwhelming. Task view in Windows 10 provides a simple way to see your open apps, docs and files in a single view to manage what you’re doing. And if your screen is getting crowded, you can create a virtual desktop to gain more space and work with just the items you want.

Action Center:

Our devices constantly keep us updated through notifications and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With Action Center, your notifications and key settings are in one view so you can manage them or quickly take action—like replying to email or changing screen brightness without having to go through the app.

Source: Microsoft