Microsoft Highlights Bing Ads Improvements In Performance, Speed And Efficiency


14, 2014

Bing Ads improvements

Few days back, Microsoft Bing Ads team highlighted the improvements they have delivered to improved performance, increased efficiency and better value in managing your campaigns on Yahoo Bing network. Some of the new features are listed below,

Keyword Normalization

All Markets | Available in UI, BAE, API

Previously, Bing Ads did not allow users to submit variants of a keyword with extraneous characters (e.g.: bike shed vs. bike-shed). In response to the many requests received, we created a tool to determine how keywords are normalized before being uploaded to Bing Ads. Otherwise known as keyword normalization, customers can now use keywords with extraneous characters, including those that differ by an accent mark (i.e.: café and cafe).


All Markets | Available in UI, API

To save advertisers time from manually setting up UTM tags, we released auto-tagging. Use this feature to automatically tag destination URLs and seamlessly track your paid search campaign performance in the analytics program of your choice. Visit this Help article or watch this video to learn more.

Bid Landscape at the Keyword and Ad Group Level

All Markets | Available in: UI, API

Bid Landscape, a birds-eye view that offers more bidding power with less guesswork! This feature shows how different estimated bids would have impacted impressions and clicks over the previous seven days. You have the option of replacing your current keyword bid with one of the estimated bids, or entering a custom bid. Visit this Help article to learn more.

Inline Bid Suggestions and Keyword Status Insight

All Markets | Available in UI

Want to know how much you would have to bid for an ad to show up on the front page, mainline, or land the top position? Released in July, inline bid suggestions are shown in the Campaigns grid, and reduce the guesswork and time spent on your bidding strategy.

View and Bulk Edit Up to 1 Million Keywords

All Markets | Available in UI

Accounts in the Web UI now show up to 1 million keywords, 500,000 ads and 250,000 ad groups, with the ability to update them at the same time using the bulk edit function. You can use the bulk edit function to increase bids to an estimated first- or top of- page bid, OR increase/decrease bids by a specific percentage or monetary value, as well as preview your changes instantly. Visit this Help article or watch this video to learn more.

Read the full list from the link below.

Source: Bing blogs

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