Microsoft has filed a trademark for their new Xbox Series X logo, and it’s pretty damn sleek.

There it is, the Xbox Series X logo. Compared to this generation’s Xbox One logo, it is nice to have a unique logo.

While Microsoft has yet to formally announce the logo – maybe they’ll dedicate a presentation to it like Sony – company Justia Trademarks have revealed that the logo was filed on April 16, 2020.

The logo consists of a sideways typeface for the word “series” with a huge X by the side. While the logo could just be the logo for just one console, the easily replaceable X could fuel rumours of Microsoft’s alleged Project Lockhart, aka Xbox Series S.

Microsoft’s trademark for the Xbox Series X logo relates to Goods and Services according to its initial trademark. While Microsoft will likely only use the logo for marketing and some light merchandise, the Justia Trademark also allows them to slap the logo on anything from “automatic vending machines” to “fire-extinguishing apparatus[es]”.

We’re expecting to hear more about Microsoft’s next-generation plans for Xbox Series X, and maybe Xbox Series S, sometime during May. While the conference will be very close to Sony’s proper next-generation PlayStation 5 reveal, we should still expect some awesome details on the Xbox Series X. Show us Halo Infinite!

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has claimed that nothing is hampering the release of Xbox Series X this holiday. While the console does plan on releasing at the end of the year, even if flagship games don’t, the Xbox Series X’s price will apparently “stay agile” amid the current financial climate.

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