Microsoft has teased a Minecraft AR mobile game


6, 2019

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Today, during Microsoft’s Build 2019 keynote, the company appeared to tease an augmented reality game based around Minecraft.

The video shows Minecraft’s creative director, Saxs Persson, leaving his phone on a bench. A random stranger picks it up and, to her amusement and surprise, the world around her starts to turn into Minecraft.

The teaser ends with the phone showing the words “Tune in May 17th” and a link to You can watch the entire teaser below.

YouTube player

From what we can gather, it’s most likely that this Minecraft AR game will launch on Android and potentially iOS. There’s also a chance it’ll be out later this year, so get your phones ready!

While there’s a chance that it’ll be similar to Pokémon GO, we think it’ll probably be exactly what it implies on the tin – Minecraft, but in the real world.

We’ll get more information about Minecraft AR on May 17th. We’ll keep you updated!

In related Minecraft news, Minecraft fans helped raise $100,000 for charity the other day and the game also got its biggest update ever! The official Minecraft Movie is also set to premiere on March 4th, 2022.

Minecraft has been a cultural phenomenon with ports to every platform under the sun. While last-gen support has sadly endedMinecraft does benefit from cross-platform play on other systems.

Source: Microsoft Build 2019 keynote.

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