Microsoft Has Plans To Take On Android One Devices In Emerging Markets



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Earlier today, Google announced their plans to launch Android One devices in India. Chris Weber, Vice President of mobile device sales at Microsoft spoke to ET India regarding their plans to take on Android One devices. He revealed that Microsoft is working on pushing the price points of Windows smartphones lower than those available in the market. Also, over the next 12-18 months, Microsoft will drive innovation in the affordable flagship area and combine design, software and services from Microsoft at the high-end, which will trickle down the portfolio. We recently saw that in proof with PureView imaging coming to Lumia 830 device.

“We’re just beginning a refresh of the entire portfolio,” Chris Weber, vice president of mobile device sales at Microsoft, told ET. “We aim to push the price point of Windows phones significantly lower – we certainly see that happening on the Android ecosystem – without impacting quality and experience.”

Apart from this, Microsoft is also planning to release ultra cheap devices like Nokia 130 to target billion people globally who don’t have mobile devices and 2 billion who don’t have access to the Internet on mobile devices. What do you think of Microsoft’s strategy against Google’s Android One program?

Source: Economic Times

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