Microsoft has improved scrolling performance of Microsoft Edge on Continuum in the Anniversary Update


We all know about the Continuum feature that allows Windows 10 Mobile users to have a PC-like experience when connected to an external display and a mouse and keyboard. Universal Windows Apps which are optimized for Continuum will adapt their UI to provide an experience tailored to mouse and keyboard input.

Microsoft Edge web browser also supports this feature and Edge turns into a desktop browser by changing not only its UI but also the rendering characteristics to match Microsoft Edge on PCs. When a phone switches into Continuum and any sites opened after the switch will render using desktop behavior, including the desktop UA string so that full websites will be loaded instead of the mobile versions.

But rendering desktop sites on mobile device is challenging, so Edge team have made optimizations in the Anniversary Update to tailor performance to provide a more desktop-like experience. We already know that Microsoft Edge offloads scrolling from the UI thread to provide a more fluid scrolling experience during page load/painting on PCs. With the Anniversary Update, Microsoft is bringing this feature in Continuum, even when scrolling via the mouse or keyboard. This little change will result in a smoother scrolling experience even while the page is loading or painting.

Did you notice any improvements in performance of Edge during Continuum after Anniversary Update? If yes, please share your experience in the comments section below.

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