Microsoft has confirmed a bounty of Xbox App changes

November 11, 2021
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After very recently confirming that an update was in the works and being internally tested to The Verge, Microsoft has announced officially what’s in store for the Xbox App on PC. 

Speaking with Jason Beaumont, partner director of experiences at Xbox, it was confirmed that the PC’s Xbox App is getting a whole lot better with “foundational updates” that’ll let you finally choose where your games install, while also making your games download faster.

Alongside this, Microsoft is making it significantly easier to access your local files from within the Xbox App, allowing players to edit their game files, move files about, and, of course, mod their games to within an inch of their life. 

To go along with this easier access, Microsoft is also adding a handy little tag to show if a game is moddable, taking some of the guesswork and sleuthing out of the process of deciding what to play next from Xbox Game Pass’ impressive roster. 

Alongside improvements to where games are stored, Microsoft is also improving the cloud gaming experience on PC by giving it a whole new tab all of its own. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will now be able to much more easily see just what’s available through cloud gaming so you can jump right on into the action. 

While that’s all the improvements we’re getting for now, in the future Xbox App users can look forward to better performance and stability, more achievements and cross-platform shenanigans thanks to reduced friction for developers, as well as new innovations that’ll make the Xbox App “a great gaming platform for all PC gamers.”

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This update will be rolling out to Xbox Insiders first, so make sure you keep an eye out for the latest build when it pops up soon. There’s currently no word on when this update will roll out to everyone, but we’re certainly hoping it’s soon.

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